Make it happen

Want to get involved?


Safety Team

Three positions, three shifts, each for two hours:

  • Door watch: Talk to everyone who buys tickets at the door to make sure they understand the rules and the party’s vibe. Must be social.
  • Headless lounge: Prevent non-fursuiters from entering, refill supplies, help fursuiters as needed.
  • Roaming: Walk around the event looking for anything unusual. Helping people as requested.


One DJ has been selected and we’re soliciting a few others. Fill out the form if you feel you should be considered.

Artist’s Alley

These spots do not include free entry, but give you prominently placed table space to sell your work (whether prepared pieces or commissions) to participants. At least six spots available, for at least two hours each. Preference given to those who are also willing to do at least an hour of live drawing in the dance space.