Pre-dance gathering (1500-1800)

No events are planned for this time, but furs are welcome to gather in WORM’s “Wunderbar” space, which opens at 1500. The kitchen opens at 1700, with a choice of all-vegetarian meals for under €10.

Dance (1800-2300)

DJ Big Blue Fox

DJ Big Blue Fox
Photo: Khaki

First up is Big Blue Fox, known around the furry world not only for his prolific video productions, but also for dance-inspiring sets at Eurofurence, Anthrocon, and many others.

DJ-Code Y

DJ-Code Y
Photo: Imre Stuifmeel

DJ-Code Y closes the night. He’s wowed furs at Wuskydance, Furs on Fire, Furrave, and NordicFuzzCon. Listen to his amazing set at NFC!

Artist’s Alley (starting at 1800)

Get furry art and costume accessessories! Confirmed artists include:

Sundae in bandana

Sundae’s Specials

Logo of Sundae's Specials

Bandanas in both fursuit and “human” sizes.

Rat Brat's "Pupreme" stickers

Rat Brat

  • Ready-made stickers and prints;
  • Traditional sketches to be done during the event;
  • Digital commissions that will be finished after the event.


  • Plushies
  • Tails
  • Fursuit accesoires
  • Premade badges & designs.
PuddiPortraits' art


Mainly traditional artwork like sketches and fully coloured work.

An embroidered patch by Ashpyre


Embroidered patches.

More to come!