Status report, 7 June

Now that the event has been announced, folks have been asking what’s been done already. So here’s a summary:

  • Had a first meeting with the person in charge of the venue. He’s enthusiastic and believes we’ll be able to do it. However, he also just went on a week-long trip to Berlin, so that part’s going to be stalled for a while. (No big deal: We have plenty of time.)
  • Also spoke with the hostel. They confirmed that dates in October and November haven’t been opened up to the general public yet, and explained how a group reservation would work.
  • Started discussion and announcement groups, and a private planning group, on Telegram. Started a Twitter account.
  • Created the website and survey (to gauge interest).
  • Contacted about a half-dozen experienced furry event planners. Three of them joined the planning group, one each from NL, FR, and GB.

Sorry we can’t name the venues yet — we don’t want to do that until talks have gone further. As always, the place for discussion is on the @Otterdam group on Telegram.