Status report, 27 January 2020

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Otterdance!

  • Tickets went on sale on 10 January. (Buy yours here.)
  • We opened up spots for volunteers, DJs, “live drawers”, Artist’s Alley vendors, and Fursuit Guests of Honour.
  • Met with WORM’s cultural programmer Rae and technical coordinator Anka on 23 January to nail down some details.
  • While there, Rae showed us around!
  • Printed flyers to be distributed at other furry events (including Furrave this weekend!). Thanks again to @DarkFaolan for the Dutch translation (and letting us use the picture of his Panriel suit), and to @nlorierArt for letting us depict her Hazel Horse suit.
  • Oh, did I mention the website is now also available in Dutch and French? Thanks to @DarkFaolan and @khakidoggy for the Dutch and @h4furi for the French.
  • The Telegram discussion group is at around 40 members and growing.

In short, all is well!