Treating volunteers right

TLDR: Most volunteers will get free entry, a t-shirt, and two drink tokens.

Furry events run on volunteers in exchange for free entry — that’s no surprise. Some events “sweeten the pot” with drinks, food, a volunteer lounge, or even crash space. Money rarely comes into play.

But money is paid to people outside the community for professional services such as equipment rental. That’s also no surprise.

So what does an organiser do when a “volunteer’s” efforts bleed into professional expertise? What about when the volunteer has to put out some of their own money? What about those who contribute extra?

T-shirt with nerd
Wait for it…

These are questions I’ve been asking myself for a while. I’ve learned that giving too much is just as bad as giving too little as people start thinking in terms of “what will I get out of this?” and resentment grows. So I’ve asked around within the community of furry event organisers: Here’s how it’s working out for Otterdance I:

  • Safety Team volunteers get free entry, two drink tokens, and a t-shirt.
  • DJs get free entry, two drink tokens, a t-shirt, and a small honorarium (payment) — more than enough to cover travel and direct expenses.
  • Live Drawers get free entry, two drink tokens, and a t-shirt.
  • Fursuiter Guests of Honor get free entry and a t-shirt.

Note that:

  • Drink tokens are good for a soft drink, basic beer (Gulpener or Weihenstephaner), or house wine.
  • Anyone receiving a t-shirt must confirm their participation before 1 March.
  • The amount of compensation will be discussed privately with DJs.

SO: If you can help, now’s the time to register at the links above!

Otterdance t-shirt